• Catharine Clark

    Catharine Clark

    A San Francisco native, Catharine Clark has lived abroad in London, Bologna, (Italy), and in Philadelphia, where she attended the University of Pennsylvania. She has guest lectured at universities, museums, and other institutions throughout the United States and Canada. Between 1999 and 2002 she taught a professional practices course at the San Francisco Art Institute. In 2006 she authored an essay for and edited the monograph, Ascending Chaos: The Art of Masami Teraoka 1966-2006, published by Chronicle Books. The gallery and other publishers have also published numerous catalogues and monographs edited or authored by Ms. Clark. A member of the San Francisco Art Dealer’s Association since 1994, and Yerba Buena Alliance since 1997, Ms. Clark serves on the board of ZER01: The Art and Technology Network. She is an advisory board member to: SF Recycling & Disposal, Inc.’s artist-in-residency program, and San Francisco Arts Education Project.

  • Allison Stockman

    Allison Stockman

    Allison Stockman is Marketing Director for Catharine Clark Gallery.  She lived and worked all over the United States and in Great Britain, South Africa and India before settling in the Bay Area in 2012.  Neither her undergraduate degree in Zoology from Brigham Young University, nor her graduate degree from Yale University in International Public Health have anything to do with her current career or personal pursuits. When she's not managing the gallery website or posting on our Instagram account, you'll probably find her playing music. Or buying music. Or listening to music. She enjoys reading the New Yorker 7 minutes at a time before falling asleep.  She derives enormous pleasure from eating hamburgers and watching episodes of Baskets. Prior to joining Catharine Clark Gallery, Allison worked as a free-lance grant writer for artists and non-profit organizations. 

  • Anton Stuebner

    Anton Stuebner

    Anton Stuebner is Associate Director of Sales at Catharine Clark Gallery.  He is also a Staff Writer at San Francisco-based online periodical Art Practical whose columns and reviews examine the intersections of queer representation, critical race, and visual cultures around bodies. He has presented research through Queer Conversation on Culture and the Arts (QCCA), the Midwest Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, and the Visual and Critical Studies Graduate Symposium at California College of the Arts. In 2016, Anton was selected for the Emerging Scholars Program through QCCA, an ongoing collaboration between the Queer Cultural Center, California College of the Arts, and the University of California, Berkeley’s College of Environment Design. He was also awarded a 2015-2016 Project Index Fellowship through the Kadist Art Foundation. He holds a Master of Arts in Visual and Critical Studies from California College of the Arts and a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of California, Berkeley.