leonardogillesfleur is the alliance of two artists: Leonardo Giacomuzzo (b. Argentina) and Gilles-fleur Boutry (b. France). The two artists were collectively awarded one MFA degree with Honors in New Genre from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2004. Straddling the genres of performance, sculpture, and video art, leonardogillesfleur’s conceptually driven work uses a wide range of approaches. The work explores how a loss of individuality can occur through collaborations and relationships, which can thus result in a third and entirely new identity. As husband and wife, partners in artistic practices, and most recently parents to two children, the artists’ boundaries between individual and collective identities have become increasingly blurred.

leonardogillesfleur’s work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions both domestically and internationally including Mexico City, Miami, Buenos Aires, Paris, Prague, New York, and San Francisco. Their work is in the collections of di Rosa, Napa, California and ArtNow International. In 2013 their work was featured in the group exhibition OFF-SPRING: New Generations at 21c Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio. The artists live and work in Buenos Aires, Argentina and New York City. They have exhibited with Catharine Clark Gallery since 2003.