Formerly a door factory, this airy and spacious ground-floor location is currently a contemporary art gallery in a large industrial building. The venue is located in the Design District/Showplace Square on Utah Street, situated among numerous cultural institutions in San Francisco's Potrero Hill neighborhood, and with ample parking particularly on weekends and after 5pm. Though the gallery is 9000 square feet, approximately 3500 sq feet of it is usable event rental space. On the floorplan, the usable spaces are designated as North and South galleries, a media room, a foyer (with a coat rack), a working kitchen (stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, catering tables), and 2 wheelchair-accessible bathrooms. The flooring is uncarpeted, concrete throughout the space (with the exception of the media room, which is carpeted and sound baffled--people often use it as a "green room"). The EXiT space on the floor plan can be rented separately or as part of an overall rental depending on the number of people and type of event. There are no residential neighbors in the building so the sound from music is not an issue. Events can run until midnight. The minimum number of hours for a rental is 3 hours.

Rental Options: Catharine Clark Gallery and EXiT

Rental Includes:

- Gallery staff member                                                            

- Kitchen use (sink, refrigerator, oven, stove, etc.)                                                     

- ADA bathrooms (2)                                                         

- Assistance with basic setup and cleanup

- Cleaning fee is an additional $300  

- Deposit for renting EXiT is $200


Evenings (Tuesday–Saturday, 6:30pm–midnight)
Rental Fee: $400/hr; Minimum of 4 hours; Non-refundable rental deposit: $400 (applied to rental fee)

Daytime (Sunday or Monday only, 10am–midnight)
Rental Fee: $400/hr; Minimum of 4 hours; Non-refundable rental deposit: $400 (applied to rental fee)

Buyout of Gallery during our workday (full day Tuesday–Saturday)
Rental Fee: $15,000; Non-refundable rental deposit: $2,000 (applied to rental fee)      

To rent EXiT (or as an addition to main space rental rates), Tuesday–Saturday, 6:00pm to midnight is $750

To rent EXiT (or as an addition to main space rental rates), Sunday or Monday, full day until midnight is $1500.

To buy out EXiT (only) during workdays (Tuesday–Saturday, 10:30am to midnight) is $2500 (max of 30 people).

All rentals can be cancelled up to 7 days prior to the rental. The deposit is not refundable, however, unless the booking is cancelled 30 days in advance of the rental date. 


Contact for more information or to get an estimate for your event: Catharine Clark, Catharine Clark Gallery
(415) 399-1439 or [email protected]


Certificate of Liability, as described in Terms and Conditions, must be provided at least 14 days before event date. The Client is fully responsible for obtaining the Certificate of Liability, but we are happy to give some guidance on where and how one can be obtained.

**  No equipment or other setup is allowed in the main gallery spaces before the time stated. If supplies or equipment need to be delivered to the gallery before the time allotted, it must be discussed prior to the event and agreed upon in writing, and may in no way impede usual gallery function. An automatic charge for any early setup in the main gallery or impediment of gallery function during gallery hours will be added to Clients rental fee at a rate of $500 per hour or fraction thereof. Unless otherwise agreed upon, Client must fully vacate the premises by 10pm or an additional day’s Rental Fee will be charged.