Catharine Clark Gallery is now available as a rental facility for private events.  Located in the Design District / Showplace Square at 248 Utah Street, the gallery is situated among numerous cultural institutions in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood, such as California College of the Arts (CCA), the CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, Southern Exposure, and the Museum of Craft and Design.

Rental Fees and Deposits

Rental Deposit (Non-Refundable): $500
• Secures the date of event for the Client.
• Applied toward the Gallery Rental Fee

Gallery Rental Fee: Sliding scale based on size and complexity of the event
• Rental Deposit is applied toward the Gallery Rental Fee
• Balance due two weeks before event date
• Fee includes: - Use of the Gallery for hours stated in contract** - Assistance with basic setup and cleanup
  - A Gallery Staff Member on the premises  - Basic waste disposal and recycling
  - Kitchen use (sink, refrigerator, oven, etc.) - Use of glass dishes and wine glasses
     • Rental does not include additional $140 cleaning fee

Other Requirements

Certificate of Liability, as described in Terms and Conditions, must be provided at least 14 days before event date. The Client is fully responsible for obtaining the Certificate of Liability, but we are happy to give some guidance on where and how one can be obtained.

Contact for more information or to get an estimate for your event: Catharine Clark, Catharine Clark Gallery
(415) 399-1439 or [email protected]

**  No equipment or other setup is allowed in the main gallery spaces before the time stated. If supplies or equipment need to be delivered to the gallery before the time allotted, it must be discussed prior to the event and agreed upon in writing, and may in no way impede usual gallery function. An automatic charge for any early setup in the main gallery or impediment of gallery function during gallery hours will be added to Clients rental fee at a rate of $500 per hour or fraction thereof. Unless otherwise agreed upon, Client must fully vacate the premises by 10pm or an additional day’s Rental Fee will be charged.